Erase Your Grave

by forced into femininity

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released April 29, 2015


all rights reserved



forced into femininity Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Archont
lose space keeps getting closer
tight space keeps getting tighter
like an orifice trying to repel an intruder
they're coming in
they've crawled thru the walls to the floor
they choke each other with hard little hands
everyone wants a piece of you don't they?
To bask in your beauty
just a chunk of your royalties
they all want a souvenir
from a chunk of your flesh to the lock of your hair
and they'll go on this way until theirs nothing left
but a skeleton in a sun dress
then there appears a stooped figure looks like a
an early work by Adolph Hitler
the female puppets disappear for they know their
your hands jammed in a window pane
I can't move I can't breathe
you don't got to breathe to suck on me
he unravels his schlong it's 18 feet long
comprised of medical tubing with a very sharp prong
hey this'll be fun, you know it turns you on
you know you want a medical intervention
it's god's gift to women, it'll give you a hundred sons
if you can make me come
take the prick in your mouth
even with the needle it's repulsively soft
go back to your square of earth, bury yourself under
the dirt
bury yourself with womankind's curse, Go back
Track Name: Erase Your Grave
Excuse me Sir, can I help you?
Nothing I can do to treat you our treats are reserved
for those who deserve to be served
not to a slave, not to a common whore
everyone in line laughed at the addict
they thought they deserved our common respect
Nothing I can do
to treat you the way we deserve to be treated
all I deserve are the few pennies you fling at me
the few scraps of bread you fling at me
Yes, the customer always gets what he deserves
I'll degrade you before I destroy you
I'll defame your name before I erase your grave
Track Name: Bloated Leech Curse
A bloated leech writhes around in a pile of shredded
it's belly screeches as it touches the bottom of the
Tupperware container
diabetic lord of varicose veins filled with the victim's
poverty hunger and suffering, but this bureaucratic
god: only a slave
one time idealist turned sour by the huddled masses
and a lifetime inside the system
budgets to trim no free lunches
taking back the minimum ignoring the poor
cutting back on the benefits
cutting out the derivatives, drowning in xeroxes
paperwork burying you in style
But for your deceit your life is forfeit
already punishment,
as is mine, I know as is mine
Track Name: Lana Del Ray
Snorting cocaine all day, listening to Lana Del Ray
It's an empty life
Who needs a home, I've got a glass table
got my music got my glass table
waxing your thighs terrified
by the ones by your side
Track Name: Angel Drain
The appeal of the reptile angels
they use blood from deceivers when moisturizing
we manufacture their tincturesto market to the
unconventionally ill
no laws of labor govern our holy toil just acts of
so we sweat until we boil
“O my brothers, your lot must seem very hard.
so empty your minds and give thanks to god”
The angel's smirk referred to a drain
beneath the panting workers
synthesizing their drippings
piping unto a pool of saline solution
glistening salamander angels roll, salty fluid good for
the gils
snort the souls from the lucky volunteers
Pubescent courtesans carrying rare delicacies
squalling infants on a silver tray
in the factory yard, the workers allowed a rare
the flaying of some organizers a public execution
and at the mess hall there's a double portion
so we say grace amen amen amen amen amen
Track Name: Yoga Ball
The shirt, too baggy
hide the perfectly ugly body
you worked so hard to create
can't eat, can't sleep, can't fornicate
mouth filled with plastic
yoga ball bouncing down
I agree completely, I agree completely
you always knew what was best for me, let's agree to
down the carpeted stairs
yoga ball, bounce bounce bounce
Track Name: the precious trash
City's made of broken mirrors
cut to pieces on wet look minimalism
clean sharp corners sharp polished glass
Neo-Nazi's from Concord issue quality of life citations
to sidewalk café patrons dawdling over quinoa salad
and laptop
trickle down drip of poverty from the overwhelming
cup of the tech giant
tourists flock to the house of tortures
mentally ill homeless forced into work training
to be a telemarketer
benign neglect-the shopping cart lifestyle
from walking your groceries to your car
to carting your belongings under the underpass
scrappers stealing the precious trash
Track Name: Untitled
My mother possessed by demon or disease
dad committed suicide by sitting in front of the TV in
his underwear
he said everything is OK, everything is fine
but he was hollow except for the fear in his eyes
we hired someone from an agency
to care for the rotten spot that appeared in her back
a mechanical arm grew from the sore
it's tong gripped a rifle
with a plastic flower stuck in the barrel
The demon decided to exorcise itself
It split into two entities
Faith in humanities innate ability to reason
the irrational must fall before scientific inquiry,
scientific inquiry
Man is made of mud man is made of shit
all he touches withers turns to mud turns to dust
My brother are we not one and the same
are we not seekers of the same truth
we are not the same we are not the same
you crawl on your belly or on six legs
the dialogue ended there
she'd swallowed her tongu

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